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Learning Programming has Never Been Easier

Learning Programming has Never Been Easier

Are you tired of working the oil and gas rigs? Sick of your day job taking care of the sick at the local medical center? Looking for a new and exciting career away from the drudgery of 20th-century employment?

Have you considered a captivating career in writing web pages, applications and other types of programming? It is no secret that Texas is #1 for tech jobs in the US and Houston is #4. Breaking into a tech career via programming has never been easier, thanks to a new type of school, the code academy.

Every programmer I have ever known was taught via one of two methods: either they taught themselves or they went to college for 4 years. Most of us don’t have the talent or time to be self-taught, and most of us don’t have the money or time to go back to school for 4 years. The code academy solves both these problems.

Rather than offering traditional classes once a semester over an eternity, code academies utilize intense, short classes to teach you modern programming skills. A typical day program is 3 months long, 40 hours a week, and teaches the basics of building websites, databases and/or other useful programming skills. A night program is of a similar length but only meets 2-3 times each week after work.

In addition to classes, code academies also work hard to help their students find jobs after the program ends. Most businesses have a need for various types of programming, such as building websites to help them interact with their customers and developing internal applications to help them manage their businesses. Code academies cultivate relationships with local employers, large and small, and work closely with their students to find them the perfect job.

Interested? Check out the two new academies that have opened up here in Houston:

Iron Yard

Led by the charismatic Rich Winley, the Iron Yard Houston opened this summer and is just finishing up its inaugural class (You can check out their student’s Demo Day this Wednesday at Start Houston. Register Here) The Iron Yard hosts full time classes and is perfect if you are looking to switch fields into programming.

  • Classes Start: September 2014
  • Class Type: Full time, 12 weeks
  • Class Description: Learn either 1. front end website development or 2. Ruby on Rails server framework
  • More info:

Maker Square

A startup from Austin, Texas, MakerSquare is hosting its first part-time class starting this September at Start Houston.They are approved and regulated by the Texas Workforce Commission and are hoping to bring coding skills to people of all professions. They are offering a night program on front end web development starting this September.

  • Classes Start: September 2014
  • Class Type: Part time, 10 weeks
  • Class Description: Front end website development (html, css, javascript)
  • More info: