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A Look Inside of AUGMENTe and The Future of Online Commerce

A Look Inside of AUGMENTe and The Future of Online Commerce

AUGMENTe TechStudio is a tech development studio that comes up with mainly augmented reality technological developments. I took an office tour with Director of Marketing Mel Mamula and learned more about their work.

“It can be for businesses or customers; right now, it’s focused on businesses,” Mamula said. “The application that I probably would describe first is the seminal app for the company, and then the focus of the CX Solution Suite, or a customer experience solution suite. It’s called holistic media; it’s an app that is focused on improving the customer experience from almost any vertical.”

Mamula said the AUGMENTe app has a series of key features that anyone can engage with.

Holistic Media 1

AUGMENTe display. Photo Courtesy: AUGMENTe.

“One is that it can scan any item, and compact all of the media into a mobile device, so that it’s really easy to look through,” Ben said. “Another is that you can actually interact with different pieces inside of the mobile device. On the business side, it collects all the data of the user.

Mamula described AUGMENTe as a pre-loaded library of information.

Communication, according to President and CTO Sundar Moorthi, is a feature too.

“It has a push notification, and “near me” alerts,” Moorthi said. “Entertain, engage, get the customer inside [a store], and then reengage.”

The whole framework of AUGMENTe is to be the next generation of online commerce, according to Moorthi.

“Now we are going well ahead by entertaining and engaging,” Moorthi said. ‘

According to to Sales Manager George Kalergis, AUGMENTe has been speaking with businesses like Neiman Marcus want to go to the next level for customer centricity.

“Neiman Marcus, for example, they’re famous for making the customer king. So any tool they can use to give better service, and more engagement, and more fun, more personal fun in shopping and interacting with customer service people – it brings them to the next step ahead.

Furthermore, no matter where the customer buys the product – in store or online – the price is the same.

“It’s seamless,” Kalergis said.

Kalergis said that at the end of the day, the app is all about the consumer.

“But the consumer is not going to pay for it,” Kalergis said. “Right now, wholesaler pays for it.”

AUGMENTe sells the app to the jewelry wholesaler, and the wholesaler provides it to retailers, which then provide it to customers, Kalergis said.

“The consumer is the one who drives the train, because we meausure the reactions of the consumer,” Kalergis said. “Because when they look at the app, as opposed to when they used to look at flyers, we know instantly what they like and what they’re looking at.”

Whereas back in the old days, when retailers did not even know if a customer threw a flyer away or not, now there’s the ability to tailor those flyers, to match what the customer is interested in, Kalergis said.


“We can refine the offer with that data, change the flyer, and send it out again with product they prefer,” Kalergis said.

Kalergis said that AUGMENTe is starting with jewelry stores.

“I came on board almost a year [ago], but I have twelve years of experience in the jewelry industry, and I so have relationships; relationships are always important. And, I understand that industry at every level. So I’m able to transfer what we do – once they go wow – the challenge is what we say, how do we get them to roll with this thing, how do we get a return on investment, how do we make money.”


From left to right: Mel Mamula, RedShift Writers Founder Daniel J. Cohen, Sundar Moorthi, and George Kalergis.

And the AUGMENTe team, Kalergis said, has been learning how to do that.

“We just did the Las Vegas jewelry show. 2500 exhibits from around the world, and we are in serious negotiations with [the] senior executives and decision makers of the five biggest jewelry manufactures, one of them Richline, which is owned by Warren Buffet, whose goal is to vertically integrate the whole industry.”

And AUGMENTe is taking the steps to integrate businesses and their customers, revolutionizing online commerce.