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Getting to Know Tina, Our Summer Intern

Getting to Know Tina, Our Summer Intern

Hi Startup Houston readers! I’m Tina Nazerian, and I’m a native Houstonian interning this summer at January Advisors/Startup Houston as a reporter/blogger, which ties into the field I want to enter in the future – journalism. At my internship, I’m connecting with influential people in Houston’s startup scene, listening to their stories, and getting their stories out there through the Startup Houston blog.

At Rice University, I’m a rising junior studying Political Science and English, and you can find me (or more accurately, never manage to find me) running around all over campus to interview sources for The Thresher, Rice’s student-run newspaper; making sandwiches at the Rice Coalition on Hunger and Homelessness‘ Sandwiches-For-All Events, answering prospective students’ questions for the Student Admission Council, spending Friday nights with some of the best friends ever, and, most importantly, making corny jokes and having interesting discussions in the servery.

I live in dresses and red-lipstick, and I love all things owl-related – I have an owl toothbrush holder, 3 owl stuffed animals, an owl contact lens case, an owl jar, 2 owl necklaces, 4 owl tops, and 2 owl dresses. I also love penguins, and one of my goals in life is to travel to Antarctica and pet a penguin in its natural habitat.

I love eating all kinds of food in Rice Village with friends, shopping for dresses, listening to a strange variety of music, going to lectures at Rice’s Baker Institute, checking out campus cultural events, traveling, and getting to know those and the world around me.