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Houston Data Visualization June Meetup Recap

Houston Data Visualization June Meetup Recap

The Houston Data Visualization group had its June meetup on Tuesday, June 3 at START Houston. It kicked off with light networking, followed by lightning talks from organizer Micah Stubbs and George Danner, President of Business Laboratory. Below are some highlights of their talks.

IMG_3271Where do you start when you want your data to tell a story?

Stubbs talked about how Bitcoin exchange Mt. Gox handled its large data set by looking at individual users’ data sets. According to Stubbs, you should pick a feature from your data set to organize your story around, and patterns emerge over time.

Takeaway: Narrow your focus to gain a better understanding of your data, rather than focusing on too much at once. 

IMG_3278Communicating a Business Problem Through Data Visualization

Imagine you run into a problem with your business activities or model. You’ve identified it, but what next? According to Danner, you have to communicate what the problem is by using visualization. However, be wary of all of the visualization tools at hand – they can let you do bad things to your data, such as 3D pie charts, Danner said.

Takeaway:  Ineffective use of visualization tools will hinder your communication of the problem, so be wise about how you choose to present your data.