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Rice Village Coworking Space Opens with Enventure Lecture Series

Rice Village Coworking Space Opens with Enventure Lecture Series

Last night, Platform Houston opened its doors to a packed house for a new lecture series by Enventure. Platform Houston is a new coworking space in Rice Village. Enventure is a new community of Houston’s young medical entrepreneurs.

Together, they rallied around Dr. Billy Cohn, the featured speaker, who told a very interesting story about entrepreneurship and building a medical device for heart surgery. His story was accessible to everyone — even folks who don’t work in healthcare — and his presentation was engaging and entertaining.

At one point, Dr. Cohn talked about how the device has been used in “over 100,000 surgeries.” It’s an interesting metric that reminded me how the things we build in Houston have a positive impact all over the world.

Congratulations to Platform Houston and Enventure, and welcome to the Houston startup community! More coverage of both groups coming this fall.

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