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Entrepreneur Events: OpenCoffee

Today’s OpenCoffee brought new and familiar faces to CoffeeGroundz.  For the uninitiated, OpenCoffee is a free-for-all networking event.  All you need is a cup of coffee, some business cards, and something to talk about.  And while it attracts all kinds of entrepreneurs, the event is heavy on tech talent.

Event organizer Austin Fatheree (of Rivvir Consulting) encourages newcomers to avoid obsessive and self-centered pitching.  Instead, he says, “try to talk about something other than just yourself and use this time to form strong, long-term relationships.”  Wise words for sure.

Among the many stories this month:

  • Katharina Kolos (of Omnidox) is just getting started with FoodSitter, an idea to connect personal chefs with busy families.
  • Our friends at Aleberry Creative just celebrated 3 years in business (congrats to Gira and Will!).

Stephen White of Qukku says, "Coffee + Entrepreneurs = Magic"

Formed in April, 2007 by Marc Nathan, OpenCoffee is one of the longest and strongest entrepreneur meetups in Houston.  Since then, OpenCoffee has become a mainstay in Houston startup networking.

About this event:

OpenCoffee is a friendly and highly caffeinated group of sharp businesspeople, scrappy startups, and curious newcomers.  Held on the third Thursday of every month at CoffeeGroundz, the event begins at 7a for earlybirds and gets cooking around 830a for the rest of us.  Expect to stay engrossed in conversation into midmorning.

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