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Qwiqq launches its 2.0 mobile app

We’d like to congratulate Qwiqq on the launch of their 2.0 application in the iTunes App Store. I met with founder John Phan last week before the launch to see a demo of their new app. I was very impressed with the responsiveness and beautifully designed interface (with an interesting business model to boot).

At its core, Qwiqq provides a simple mobile platform to share information about things that you purchase and enjoy. Reminiscent of Kevin Rose’s Oink (which folded recently), Stamped, and GetGlue, Qwiqq takes a slightly different approach. Qwiqq 2.0 pivots off of the first version of the application by narrowing in on the functionality that users (mainly merchants) were using it for, sharing their posts across multiple platforms. Many small business owners have little time to take a picture of a product and then log in to five different social networks to communicate the same information. With Qwiqq, they can quickly snap a picture, provide a description, and share their commerce post (as John calls it) across all the major social networks.

Their press release was written up in the San Francisco Chronicle here.

About Qwiqq
Qwiqq 2.0 is the leader in social commerce and available for free in the Apple iTunes App Store. For local merchants, Qwiqq is a social commerce app that lets local merchants quickly post, in real-time, their products and services using a picture, price and place, then share them to the most popular social sites. For consumers, Qwiqq is a social commerce app that lets you quickly Share The Things You Love To Buy. Qwiqq 1.0 was featured in the iTunes App Store: New & Noteworthy, What’s Hot, Great Free Apps. For more information, visit

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  • Great news for small businesses! With social media gaining more importance everyday, Qwiqq makes it easy for companies to get their name out there.


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