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SXSW 2010 Panel Picker is Open

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For those that don’t know, South by Southwest (also known as SXSW) is a two week event held in Austin during Spring Break that is two parts conference, two parts pub crawl and two parts social experiment. SXSW marries the largest number of live music acts in the world, movie premiers and of special note to the startup community ‘interactive’ companies showcasing their ideas and new products.


The Interactive part is basically summer camp for geeks. Its five days of caffeine and alcohol fueled interaction with 10,000 of the smartest people in the world who are all gathered to meet, greet and talk about the future of the technology world. The most forward thinking, buzz-worthy and advanced ideas in web development, web design, and social media are brought together to morph and mutate into the kinds of things that we use every day – Twitter being the prime example.

Speaker panels are the core aspect of the entire event. SXSW has an open panel policy where anyone can submit their ideas to discuss during the conference. The voting is open to people who are registered with SXSW and that vote is weighed against a blue-ribbon group of event organizers for inclusion into the program. Having a panel chosen to even make it to the vote is a big deal, and actually getting to speak is a huge deal because it basically helps set the agenda for the rest of the year when it comes to the technology and mainstream media.

The SXSW panel picker ( has opened up today and they will be taking votes until September 4th.

The Houston Tech community should have very a strong showing this year, not just in attendees but panelists. Schipul, the Web Marketing Company has again put together a list of Houston related panels that you should consider voting for to keep the Houston presence visible:


I have a panel up for consideration and I would certainly appreciate your vote:

‘Seed Combinators’: Startup Incubators 2.0

1. What is a ‘Seed Combinator’?
2. How can this help my Startup?
3. Is this program right for my startup?
4. How can I get started with this program?
5. What’s the difference between this and tradtional VC’s, Angels or Incubators?
6. Am I going to give up too much equity too early?
7. I’m a mentor, how do I get involved?
8. How do I start a Seed Combinator in my area?
9. What do I need to make a Seed Combinator successful?
10. How does the investment world view something like a Seed Combinator?

The ‘Seed Combinator’ is the concept of mashing up angel investing, OpenCoffee Club meetups, tactical workshops, and Coworking that is giving rise to a new class of software and new media startups. Local investors are giving aspiring entrepreneurs capital and intensive mentorship under names like YCombinator, TechStars and Capital Factory.

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