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Information Superhighway Tech Meetup Saturday

Just a reminder that the Houston Startup Scene isn’t all business:

Saturday, August 15th 7pm
Caroline Collective (
4820 Caroline St., Houston, Tx, 77004

Caroline Collective with ROFLCon, Schipul the Web Marketing Company, and St. Arnold’s Brewery proudly present Information Superhighway: The Down South Edition, a Houston tech meetup.

Information Superhighway is the new Houston gathering for hackers, activists, artists, designers, nonprofits, startups, academics and general geekery to meet, hang out, and connect with one another.

There is no agenda, no presentations, and no speed networking at the Information Superhighway. There will be beverages, food, ideas and cool people. Best of all, the price is free.

First started in Boston, the Information Superhighway meetup has since spread to San Fransico and now Houston. If you are interested in following the meetup’s organizer, Rachel Mercer, on Twitter, you can find her @infosuperhiway.

Featured Guests and Organizations:

Check out the Facebook event, the Yahoo event, and mark your calendar.


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