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Best Cities For Recent College Grads?

I have been asked by many people “where do you want to live after college?”.  Houston was never really an answer.  New York? California? Colorado? I do not have a set answer but those states have always been in my mind.  Houston, however, seems to be stepping up a few notches in my book.

Today, Forbes stated in an article titled “Best Cities for Recent College Grads“:

The Class of 2008 would be smart to head to Texas.

Houston, Dallas and Austin nabbed the top three spots on our list of best cities for recent college grads. Spurred by low costs of living and booming energy and tech industries, these metro areas have a lot to offer new professionals seeking a home.

Currently, I am happy to be living in Houston!  The start-up community is rising and I am extremely glad to be apart of this community in Houston.  Keep up the good work!

What do you think of Houston?  Are you a recent college grad living in Texas?

Thanks for reading!  Thank you in advance for your comments!

This post was guest written by Cory Levy – 16 year-old entrepreneur and Startup Houston intern. Cory has joined the team during his spare time to help gather data, manage the site and, from time-to-time, guest author a post. Please welcome Cory to the fold.


  • Great post Cory! We’re excited to have you on board, and ‘Yes’ Houston’s startup community does have a lot to look forward to!
    – Kurt

  • Josh – Cool. It is great to see more and more entrepreneurs moving to Houston to start companies! I was talking to a person that lives in Denver and I told him where I was from. His response was, “Houston is coming to be known as the business town”!

    Kurt – Thanks! I’m excited to hopefully keep up the posts!


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