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Buy & Sell Your Stuff on Campus with Bubblevine


Local entrepreneur Monica Yoo, sister of serial entrepreneur and Natuba founder Richard Yoo, has just launched her first venture, Bubblevine, a marketplace for college students within a school commuinity to buy and sell stuff to fellow students in a safe and comfortable environment: campus. 

“While I was a junior in college at Trinity, I was looking for apartment furniture on Craigslist but found that the stuff I needed was all over town, often in sketchy areas that I wasn’t comfortable going to,” says Monica. “Meanwhile, college kids were throwing away stuff at semester’s end. So I set out to create a market on campus for selling and buying stuff and Bubblevine was born.”

Bubblevine is free for students and only for students (you need a college email address to join). The intent is to develop a micro-local marketplace on campus so non-students are excluded from buying or selling items. Current schools listed on Bubblevine are:

Additional schools will be added over time.


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